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We, the staff of Michigan Medicine, wish to extend our condolences to you. We hope this information will be helpful for you and your family throughout the many transitions that lie ahead. 

This page is intended to provide information and support for the death of a child in the hospital. For information about the death of an adult, visit Grief Support Following the Death of a Loved One on For support following pregnancy loss, visit Loss of a Desired Pregnancy on the Von Voigtlander Women's site.

Bereavement Resources at Michigan Medicine 

The following items are resources created for Michigan Medicine families. 

Upon the Death of Your Child

This is a book written in large part by bereaved parents. The book includes information on first steps, living with grief, remembering your child, medical information and supportive resources. The book is available as PDF in multiple languages:           

Upon the Death of Your Loved One

Upon the Death of Your Loved One packet: This packet includes information on funeral planning, alternative funeral arrangements, financial questions, charitable donations, talking with and planning for other children, autopsy report follow up, grief reactions, and special days. The packet is available in the following languages:           

Celebrating the Children of Mott

This non-denominational memorial service honors and remembers children who received care at Mott from birth to young adulthood. This memorial service is held each spring and families are invited to attend. For additional information, contact the Office of Decedent Affairs 734-232-4919 or the Spiritual Care Department at 734-936-4041

A Walk to Remember and Tree-Planting Memorial

This non-denominational memorial service is used as a time for families and friends to join with others who share a similar journey; a time to come together to honor hopes, dreams and memories. This walk is held each October during National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. For more information, contact the Office of Decedent Affairs at 734-232-4919 or Brandon NICU at 734-232-7887

Always Remembered: A Bereavement Giving Library

A Bereavement Giving Library: The library is a program created by the Mott Bereavement Committee and financially supported by various donors. Story and activity books addressing death have been selected to be provided to the siblings of pediatric patients who have died at Mott Hospital.           

Developmental needs of children at various ages were considered in the selection of the books and family members who have experienced the loss of a child were involved in the selection. Books for siblings are provided to families following a death while they are still at the hospital, but are also available to siblings of our Mott patients who die outside of the hospital. For more information, please contact the Office of Decedent Affairs #734-232-4919.

Community Resources for Grieving Friends and Family 

Listed here are only some of the valuable resources that exist for family and friends who are grieving. If you’d like a list of resources that are specific to the type of loss you are experiencing or specific to the area that you live, please contact ODA by calling 734-232-4919.

Arbor Hospice

Arbor Hospice provides range of expert support services to help explore, understand and express the grief that is exclusively yours. Arbor Hospice also features specialized grief support for children and teens.                   
  • Services provided: In-person support groups, one-time support programs, and virtual support groups 
  • Located in: Washtenaw County

Compassionate Friends

Compassionate Friends provides support to people who have had a child die at any age, from any cause, or for people who are trying to help those who have gone through this life-altering experience.                    
  • Services provided: support groups, crisis hotline, private Facebook groups, online communities, family support, and general supportive information 
  • Located in: Chapters of Compassionate Friends exist throughout the country. Use the chapter navigator to find a chapter near your city.

Ele’s Place

Ele’s Place is dedicated solely to helping children and teens work with and through grief. Groups for adults are available for those whose children are receiving services.                    
  • Services provided: bereavement support groups, school-based support, and additional help for parents 
  • Located in: Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, and Grand Rapids


GrieveWell’s mission is to provide resources and support to individuals in grief — as well as those who surround them — in order to build a community that promotes healthy grieving and healing.                    
  • Services provided: Peer counseling and workshops 
  • Located in: Washtenaw County 

New Hope

New Hope is charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and new beginnings to adults and children grieving the death of a loved one.  A Christian organization whose programs are open to everyone regardless of beliefs. 

Proud Parents of Loss

Proud Parents of Loss: Provides stigma-free support to parents who have lost a child.;

Remembering Cherubs

Remembering Cherubs: A nonprofit pregnancy loss resource center, serving Southeast Michigan.  Services are carried out online and events are held virtually and at local partnering venues. 

Return to Zero

Return to Zero: A national organization working to transform the culture of silence and isolation around pregnancy and infant loss.        

Recommended Reading 

These lists of books and other resources were compiled by the Mott Bereavement Committee, a multi-disciplinary team of Mott staff and families dedicated to supporting bereaved families. Mott staff, as well as parents who have experienced a loss, have carefully reviewed the books on these lists. We encourage you to review these resources before reading or giving a book to a child to be certain the story and content are in line with your family’s values and beliefs. 

We want to express our deepest sympathy to families who have experienced a loss and hope these recommended resources may bring you and your family some comfort. 

Download the list of recommended reading resources for adults, children and teens.

For Adult Readers

For Child Readers

Universal Loss                   

Universal Loss Activity Books

Loss of Sibling

Infant Loss

Traumatic Loss

Loss of Classmate

Online Resources

Modern Loss

  • Modern Loss is a place to share the unspeakably taboo, unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death. Beginners welcome.

What’s Your Grief

What's your grief.Promoting grief education, exploration, and expression in both practical and creative ways. 

Refuge in Grief

Refuge in Grief: An online community and resource that helps people survive some of the hardest experiences of their lives. 

Dougy Center for Grieving Children

The Dougy Center provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences. 


What’s Your Grief Podcast

What’s Your Grief Podcast: An occasional podcast by hosts Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley, covering everything from the holidays to dating after bereavement.

Grief Out Loud

Grief Out Loud: This podcast comes from The Dougy Center, one of the best centers serving bereaved children and adults in the U.S.

Terrible Thanks for Asking

Terrible Thanks for Asking: Nora NcInerny asks real people to share their complicated and honest feelings about how they really are. It’s sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and often both.            

Contact Us

The Office of Decedent Affairs (ODA) is part of the Michigan Medicine Department of Social Work. The ODA is the centralized point of contact at Michigan Medicine for ongoing questions and concerns before, during, and after the death of a loved one. To contact the Office of Decedent Affairs, call 734-232-4919 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may also email the ODA office at [email protected].