Water Balloon Toss

Water balloon fights are tons of fun – but they’re over in a flash! Keep the fun going with a game of catch that will help your Little Victor develop coordination and motor skills while keeping cool.

What you’ll need:

  • An empty, rinsed milk jug for every participant
  • Duct tape or painters tape
  • Scissors
  • Water balloons


  1. Cut the bottom of each milk jug off.
  2. Wrap tape around the edge of each milk jug so there aren’t any sharp edges to pop the water balloons, or scratch players!
  3. Get tossing!

For variations, start both players close together and have each player take a step back after every successful catch, to see how far apart you can make it before dropping or breaking a balloon. With more than two players, count how many catches each pair can complete to see which pair wins, or have all players stand in a circle and toss the balloon from player to player, hot-potato style.

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