Pirate Treasure Hunt

Can you find the hidden treasure? Go on an adventurous treasure hunt outside, or even indoors. 

Have an adult help set up this treasure hunt so it’s a surprise for everyone playing! Adjust this game to fit your child’s age by hiding smaller items, increasing the number of hidden items, timing the hunt, making it a game of who can find the most treasure, etc. 

What You’ll Need: 

  • Variety of little items to hide as treasure (i.e. outdoor toys, sports balls, Legos, crayons, etc.) OR use items already found in nature (i.e. unique leaves, flowers, etc.) 
  • A written check list of the items hidden  
  • Marker or pen to check off items as they are found 


  • Step 1: Have an adult make a list of the items they are hiding as “treasure” and then hide the “treasure” around an outdoor space, yard or indoors.  
  • Step 2: Take your hidden treasure list and marker and start searching! 

Child with marker following treasure hunt on paper

  • Step 3: Check off the treasure as you find it! See above for suggestions of how to mix up this game! 

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