Summer Memory Jar

Sometimes we sit there and think about all the things we wish we did when the summer nears its end, and we don’t think about all the great, fun things we got to do with the people we love most. This simple activity will help you be mindful of the memories you’re making all summer, and set you up for a great opportunity to reflect on all your summer adventures before the kids go back to school. Don’t hold back – pick a memory a day, even if it was just something that made everyone laugh that day.

What you’ll need:

  • Mason jar (or a shoebox or any container you can collect your memory notes in)
  • Squares of colored paper
  • String, ribbon, paint, stickers, cut-outs from magazines – anything you want to decorate your jar with


Decorate your jar however your child wishes.

Make a stack or sandwich bag of colored squares of paper to keep next to your jar. Every day (or whatever interval you decide on!) write down something you want to remember from that day.  Feel free add movie or concert tickets, photos, a party favor, anything you want!

Enjoy! You’re setting the stage to have a nice collection of memories to look back on at the end of the summer!

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