Spray Paint Art

This activity may just be the only time you encourage your young child to “spray paint!”

What you’ll need:

  • Squirt guns or reusable spray bottles
  • Paint
  • Heavy paint paper
  • An easel, or something to clip or tack your paper


  1. Fill each squirt gun or spray bottle half full with water, then add paint to each to create the colors you would like to use.  You will want your colors to be fairly vibrant, so be sure to add enough paint – somewhere around a 50/50 mix. Shake or stir to thoroughly blend.
  2. Hang your paint paper from your easel, a tree, or to the inside of a cardboard box you can stand up on its end.
  3. Stand back, and get spraying!

If you’re not doing this project outside on your lawn, be sure to use a drop cloth or table cloth to protect the floor/ground. You can use canvas instead of heavy paint paper.

For a different variation, use painters tape to make a design or block off your name.  Once the paint dries completely, remove the tape to reveal your design!

Also, be sure to rinse the spray bottle or squirt guns thoroughly afterwards, so you can use them again for something else!

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