Shadow Charades

Dim the lights and get the show started! See who can guess the most shadow creations in this fun activity for the family – perfect for a rainy day!

What you’ll need:

  • White sheet
  • Lamp with no shade (or floodlight)
  • Pins/tacks (can be substituted for tape)


  1. Find a room where you can hang a white sheet over the door, making sure it touches the ground. Pin or tape it up.
  2. Turn on a lamp on the side of the actor, leaving the lights off (or dimmed) on the side of the guessers.
  3. Take turns making shadows behind the screen and see who can guess the most correctly! 

You can use your hands to make shadow puppets, or your whole body to act out activities or creatures. Grab props from around the house to mix things up.  And remember, making noises may give your shadow’s identity away!  If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, check out these or search “shadow puppets for kids” in your web browser.

For a fun twist on this activity, grab some props around the house and use your whole body to act out shadow charades.

This activity was inspired by this article.

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