Round Up the Chicks

Uh oh! The chicks got loose from the coop! Can you help round them up?

Adjust this game to fit your child’s age by using smaller balls or objects for the “chicks,” or increasing the number of “chicks” and size of the space where you play. 

What You’ll Need:

  • Yellow balloons (or other smaller balls or objects if you have older children)
  • Permanent marker
  • A container or vessel for the “chicks” to go into (we used a baby pool!)


Step 1: Have an adult help inflate the balloons and draw funny chick faces using the permanent marker onto one side (see above photos for some examples).

Child placing yellow balloons with face drawings on them in blue pool

Step 2: Release the balloons out into a yard or large play space! 

Child chasing and kicking yellow ballons in yard

Step 3: Play with friends to see how many chicks you each can catch and put back into the “coop” or container. Make the game your own by setting a time limit to see how many chicks each person can catch before the time runs out.

Yellow balloons with face drawings place in blue pool

Inspired by Mrs. Plemon’s Kindergarten.

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