Riding Pony

Giddyup! Have fun “riding” your pony around the house or backyard. 

What You’ll Need:

  • A sturdy piece of felt for the horse’s head
  • Colored felt pieces for the mane, bridle, etc.
  • Large size wiggle eye
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Dowel or long and sturdy stickPacking or duct tape


Step 1: Have an adult help cut out your horse’s head from the sturdy piece of felt. Find a free template/shape outline online or freehand the shape like we did (see above photo).

Step 2: Pick out your favorite colors of felt to cut out the bridle, mane and horse’s ears (see above photo). We used one larger piece of felt and cut long strips into it to make the “hair” effect of the mane. We glued that whole piece to the back of the horse’s face where the long strip cuts ended (see above photo). Use the glue to attach the bridle, mane and horse’s ears.

Step 3: Use the glue to attach your large wiggle eye.

Step 4: Use the packing or duct tape to attach the entire horse head to the top of the dowel or long and sturdy stick. 

Step 5: Giddyup! Place the dowel or stick between your legs with the horse’s head by your chest. Have fun galloping and “riding” your new pony around the house or backyard!

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