Pompom Drops

This project will help your child learn about design and structure, as well as cause-and-effect.

What you’ll need:

  • Multiple paper towel, toilet paper rolls and wrapping paper rolls
  • Washi tape or painter’s tape
  • Craft pompoms
  • A clear space on your wall


  1. Challenge your child to help you create a path to drop your pompoms down by arranging toilet paper or paper towel rolls on the wall and securing them with reusable tape.
  2. Let your child lead the placement of the tubes. Have him or her trouble shoot each step to see if the pompom will go from one tube to the next without falling out.
  3. Try the pompom drop course with a marble or small ball.  How was it different?
  4. Set up two pompom drop courses side by side and see whose ball can reach the bottom first!

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