Paper Spinner

This coloring and crafting activity with DIY paper spinners is sure to make everyone happy this summer! With the ability to customize each spinner, every kid will have the chance to create a spinner unique to them!

What You’ll Need: 

  1. Twine
  2. Cardboard circles
  3. Printer paper with circle template
  4. Markers
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue stick

NOTE: We used a circular object to trace on the paper and cardboard opposed to circle templates.


  1. Draw two circles onto your printer paper.
  2. Add color to these circles (the more colorful, the more fun it is to see as it spins).
  3. Cut out paper circles.
  4. Use these to trace on a cardboard box and cut out one cardboard circle.
  5. Glue the paper circles on to the cardboard (one on each side).
  6. Poke two holes right in the center of the cardboard circle.
  7. Take a piece of twine or rope, about 28 inches long, run the rope through the holes and tie a knot.

TIP: Use a match to burn the ends of the rope so they don’t unravel.

Paper spinner in action

This project was inspired by an activity here.

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