Painter's Tape Games

A roll of painter’s tape is all you need to try a variety of activities – perfect for rainy days or super hot afternoons when you’re stuck inside!

Many of these activities help your child develop body awareness through activating various forms of sensory input. 

Balancing line: Use tape to create straight lines your child can practice walking and balancing on.  Try incorporating jumps and leaps – just like a gymnast! 

Crooked lines:  Use tape to create different patterns.  Zig zag lines and lines that turn corners can be fun!  Try different variations of walking, such as on tip toes or touching heel to toe with each step,

Lifting / Pulling / Pushing: Find different items such as a weighted medicine ball, large soup can, toy shopping cart or a heavy book.  Push the object along the tape line.  See how fast you can go without going off the line!

Plastic eggs: If you have a box of plastic eggs in storage, pull them out and line the tape rows with plastic eggs.  Have your child race to collect them, then race again to put them back in place on the line.  This can be a good opportunity to practice counting, also.

Line jumping: Make three sets of lines on the floor.  The first set should be spaced fairly close together so that jumping from line to line basically results in hopping. The second set should be slightly farther apart so jumping between the lines is more of an average jump. The third set can be fairly far apart so your child will leap from line to line. Practice jumping through each set.  Then, see how fast you can go through all three sets consecutively!

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