Outdoor Bottle Bowling

STRIKE! Learn how to make your own bowling lane on a sidewalk or driveway. Adjust the number of “bowling pins” based on the player’s age to make the activity more challenging!

An adult will need to cut the pool noodles in this activity.

What You’ll Need:

  • Three pool noodles
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Toothpicks
  • 6 to 12 bottles (you can experiment with the number of bottles, as well as emptying them of their liquids to make them easier to knock over for younger players)
  • Small to medium size foam or rubber ball to be your “bowling ball”


Step 1: Have an adult cut one end of two pool noodles at 45-degree angles. Cut both ends of the third pool noodle at 45-degree angles (watch the video above for a visual).

Step 2: Place the noodle with the two 45-degree angles in the center and insert toothpicks into both ends. Take the angled side of the two remaining noodles and insert them into the toothpicks of the center noodle, making a 90-degree angle on both sides (watch the video above for a visual). This forms your bowling lane!

Step 3: Arrange the “bowling pins” in the center of the pool noodles, making a triangle shape with the triangle pointed toward the bowler.

Step 4: Grab your bowling ball and roll it toward the pins! 

Inspired by Polkadot Chair’s Bottle DIY Outdoor Bowling Game.

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