Leaf Clay Dish

Create and paint your own leaf-shaped dish to hold your trinkets and treasures. Look for leaves that have many veins as they will imprint nicely on clay!

Adults will need to help younger children cut out their leaf imprint.

What You’ll Need:

  • Air dry clay
  • paintbrushes
  • Small rolling pin or item that will help you roll out the clay
  • Leaf or leaves, depending on how many dishes you would like to make (look for leaves that have many veins as they will imprint nicely on the clay)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Mod podge (you can choose what type, for example glossy, matte, waterproof, etc.)
  • Knife


Step 1: Roll out your clay and firmly press your leaf onto the clay. Make sure you press all over the leaf so that all the veins and lines imprint onto the clay.

Step 2: Remove the leaf and have an adult help you trim away the excess clay around the leaf imprint.

Step 3: This step is optional, but you can lightly roll up the edges of the clay leaf to help it keep items inside the dish.

Step 4: Let your clay leaf harden (check the directions on the clay packaging to see how long it takes to completely dry).

Step 5: After the leaf is hardened and completely dry, use acrylic paint to paint and decorate your leaf.

Step 6: After the paint is dry, paint on the mod podge to act as a sealer.

Step 7: Once the mod podge coat is dry, use your new leaf dish to hold your trinkets!

Inspired by The Best Ideas for Kids.

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