Hide and Seek with Sound

Here’s a fun twist on the traditional game of hide and seek. In this game, we are hiding an object. Have one person hide an object (a toy, book, stuffed animal…anything). Don’t let the other people watch where the object is being hidden.

“The ‘hider’ needs something to make noise — a wooden spoon and a pot, a musical instrument, or anything that makes sound (even clapping hands can work),” says Susan Smiddy, a board-certified music therapist at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. “As the ‘seeker’ sets out to find the hidden object, the hider plays music/makes noise. When the seeker gets close to the object, the hider plays the sound louder and/or faster. As the seeker gets farther away, the sound is softer and/or slower. It’s the musical version of telling the person they are getting hot or cold.”

Using the musical hints, continue until the seeker finds the object. Take turns being the hider and the seeker.

For a different twist, time each game if you’d like to see who can find the object fastest. You can also use a song and see who can find the object before you finish singing or playing the song. Play around with different noise makers — pots, pans, hands, instruments, whistling, singing, etc. 

Have fun!

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