Hallway Laser Maze

Whether it’s too hot to enjoy being outside or a wet, stormy day, an indoor laser maze is the perfect way to get out some energy indoors.

What you’ll need:

  • Crepe paper (streamers)
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape


Tape the crepe paper on the wall in a hallway in a zig zag pattern, back and forth, high and low, moving down the hallway. Don’t make it too challenging for kids to navigate, but also make sure your kids can’t crawl under the entire thing!

Challenge your kids to make it through the maze without touching the crepe paper. Try different routes, or time each other to see if you can do it quicker on round two or three!

Once your children are done going through the maze, they can toss a ball back and forth, trying to keep the ball from touching any of the “lasers.” Older kids can even create a new maze themselves!

This activity was inspired by this article.

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