Giraffe Spots Bingo

Roll the dice and cover the spots on your giraffe. First one to cover all their giraffe’s spots, wins! 

What You’ll Need: 

  • White printer paper 
  • Giraffe outline (find a free one online!) or ability to freehand draw a giraffe 
  • Black marker 
  • Colored markers 
  • Dice (numbered, colored or multiples of each) or flashcards 
  • Small snack item to cover spots (such as small cereal or crackers) 

Giraffe bingo image for camp little victors

Giraffe bingo for camp little victors


Step 1: Draw or trace your giraffe outline on the piece of paper (see above photo). Each person playing the game will need their own giraffe/piece of paper. 

Step 2: Have an adult write numbers and/or use the colored markers to draw little color circles randomly across the giraffe (see above photo). Make each giraffe have different numbers or color spots (as if each giraffe is a different “bingo” card). For older children, write out simple math problems, such as “2 + 3,” but don’t write the answer.  

Step 3: Have an adult roll the dice or read off flashcards. If you have that number, color or equation answer on your giraffe, cover it with a snack item (see above photo). First one to cover all their giraffe’s spots wins! 

Inspired by Toddler Approved

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