Fitness Jenga

Jenga is a classic game for your game night collection. All you need is a magic marker to add a healthy twist for the whole family!

What you’ll need:

  • Jenga
  • Marker


  1. Write a different activity on each Jenga block. Choose your own activities to use.
  2. Play according to normal Jenga rules, but when your child removes a block, he or she gets to do the activity written on that block.

Fitness Jenga is a great way to incorporate movement into your day.  This game is particularly helpful on a rainy day or during a younger sibling’s nap. The beauty of this Fitness Jenga is that you can modify the game based on your family’s abilities and fitness levels. Your child’s occupational or physical therapist may be able to suggest activities that will be best suited for your child.

Here are some movements you can start with for your blocks:

  • Juggle a ball back and forth from hand to hand five times
  • Scrunch a paper up and toss it in a waste basket from a few feet away
  • Jump on both feet five times
  • Jump on one foot five times
  • Do five jumping jacks
  • Balance a book on your head for five seconds
  • Pretend to jump rope for 10 seconds
  • Do your favorite dance for 15 seconds
  • Thumb wrestle with a partner
  • Move like a snake
  • Move like a monkey
  • Bear crawl
  • Climb over an invisible hurdle
  • March for 15 seconds
  • Pretend to ride a horse for 10 seconds
  • Pick up a ball without using your hands
  • Walk sideways 10 steps and hop back
  • Touch your toes 10 times
  • Pre10d to ride a bike for 15 seconds
  • Flap your arms like a bird 20 times
  • REWIND: do the same thing the person before you had to do
  • Pretend to swim for 10 seconds
  • Pretend to ski for 10 seconds
  • Pretend to surf for 15 seconds
  • Walk backwards 10 steps, then hop back
  • Frog jump
  • Pretend to hula hoop
  • Spin around in a circle 5 times
  • Travel to the nearest door and back
  • Balance on one foot for 10 seconds

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