Cup Races

Practice your hand / eye coordination AND cool off with this fun backyard activity!

What you’ll need:

  • any type of water shooters or squirt guns
  • straws
  • disposable cups
  • yarn, twine or some type of string
  • duct tape


  1. Cut your straw to the length of your plastic cup.
  2. Tape the straw to the cup.
  3. Tie one end of your string around a tree or pole.  Pull the string through the cup’s straw, then tie the other end of the strong to another tree or pole.  Make note to not make your string so high that your child will have trouble aiming at it, and avoid having an incline so you won’t need the cup to go “uphill.”
  4. Fill your water shooter with water.
  5. Use the water shooter to spray into the cup, causing the cup to travel along the string.

If you have multiple people, hang multiple cup-lines and have a race!  Otherwise, you can time how long it takes to get your cup from one end of the string to the other, and see if you can beat your own time!

Does it get harder when you move farther away from your cup?  Is it harder shooting the cup one direction than the other?

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