Colorful Chalk Obstacle Course

An easy way to improve your kids’ memories, sleeping habits and brains while simultaneously getting them moving and having fun!  Obstacle courses are a great way to get your kid moving and use their creativity to help you plan the course.

What you'll need:

  • Different colored chalk
  • A sidewalk or driveway!


  1. Make a starting point and work your way around the sidewalk or driveway with different colored obstacles. Include many different tasks such as hopping, dancing, walking backwards, jumping on one foot, spinning, etc.
  2. Placing objects such as rocks around the course and creating tasks around those such as jumping over the rock, or walking 2 circles around it.
  3. Adding “break” activities is a good idea to make obstacle courses more fun. These can include: making a wish, saying your name, yelling something you’re thankful for, etc.
  4. Use different colors for the different activities (we used the colors of a rainbow!), and have your child help draw and choose activities as much as possible, have fun!

Inspired by: Playtivities' Sidewalk Obstacle Course with Chalk

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