Beaded Snowflakes


Create a sparkling snowflake using pipe cleaners and beads! You can use various sizes and shapes of beads to make your snowflake unique — just make sure they can be threaded onto the pipe cleaners.

What You’ll Need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads of various sizes and shapes (just make sure they can be threaded onto the pipe cleaners)
  • Rhinestone or gem for the center of the snowflake
  • Craft glue 


Step 1: Take two pipe cleaners and cross them at their mid points so they make a plus sign shape (see our photo above). Wrap the sides over each other so they wrap around the midpoint/center and are secure (see our photo above). 

Step 2: Add a third pipe cleaner diagonally and wrap it around the midpoint/center to secure it (see our photo above). Now you have a snowflake shape.

Step 3: Slide your beads onto each pipe cleaner into the center of the snowflake until you fill each snowflake strand with beads, leaving a half inch of pipe cleaner at the end of each strand.

Step 4: Fold over each end of pipe cleaner to secure your beads. Place a dab of glue in the center of your snowflake and cover the center twists with a rhinestone or gem.    

Inspired by One Little Project Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes.

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