Animal Tracks

Follow that trail while testing your math knowledge!

Adjust this game to fit your child’s age by spacing out the tracks or using a higher grade level of flashcards.

What You’ll Need:

  • Colorful sidewalk chalk
  • Flashcards (counting for younger children or simple math equations for older children)
  • A friend or two to play the game with you


Step 1: Have an adult help you draw a variety of animal “tracks” on a large section of asphalt or concrete surface all headed in one direction. See photo above for examples (draw lines for snake’s belly, bear prints, small chipmunk prints, etc.)

Child pointing to cement with chalk drawings of animal tracks

Step 2: Start at one end of the prints and take turns with your friends answering flashcard questions from an adult. The answer to the flashcard is how many footprints you can move forward on the animal trail! The first one to the end of the trails wins!

Child stepping on chalk drawings of animal tracks on pavement

Inspired by Modern Preschool.

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