Animal Bracelets and Face Masks

Help your child use their imagination and creativity by creating these animal bracelets and face masks. Work together to make every animal and turn your household into a zoo, and see how colorful can you make your bracelets and masks!

Recommended ages: 3-7

What you’ll need:


Step 1: Print out the bracelet(s) and face mask(s) of your choice.

Step 2: Color and decorate your face mask and/or bracelet- be as creative as possible!

Step 3: Cut out bracelet and face mask print out.

Step 4: For the bracelet, cut along dotted line near bracelet “face” to connect the bracelet.

Step 5: For the face mask, use a hole puncher (or scissors) to punch out the circles on the face mask, then tie string around the mask and wear your new personalized face mask!

Inspired by Easy Peasy and Fun’s Dinosaur Paper Bracelets for Kids

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