CHAMP - Comprehensive Hand and Arm Movement Program

What is CHAMP? 

CHAMP is an intensive therapy program based on neuro-motor principles.  It involves restricting use of the child’s stronger hand and arm with a splint, cast, or other device, in order to promote use of the weaker arm and hand.  During CHAMP, therapy activities are completed in the clinic and through an intensive home program; the activities are designed to teach children to overcome the learned non-use of the weaker hand and arm.

  • Are six months or more post-injury
  • Have functional passive range of motion of the arm/shoulder (upper extremity)
  • Have some active movement of the upper extremity
  • Demonstrate the ability to learn new tasks with training

What does the program involve?

The program involves wearing a constraint on the stronger hand and arm for a majority of the child’s waking hours while attempting to do most, or all, daily activities with the weaker hand and arm.  Children will work diligently in the three weeks of clinic therapy sessions: three days a week for two-three hours each day.  CHAMP therapy sessions include individual and/or group sessions in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, and Rehabilitation Psychology.  CHAMP requires a true partnership between family and therapists:  families will be completing a specific home exercise program, including stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as specific daily activities.  Given the intensity of home and clinic practice, we request that families minimize extra family commitments and/or schedule changes while participating in the CHAMP program.   

How can my child be referred to CHAMP?

A physician referral is required to initiate evaluation for CHAMP.  Please send or fax the referral to Milestones at: 734-232-3264.   When the referral is received,  PT and OT will schedule the CHAMP evaluation at Milestones.  Please contact Angie DeBolt at 734-998-2483 with any questions.

For Physicians:

Participation in CHAMP requires 3 referrals: referrals to PT, OT and Therapeutic Recreation (TR).  Please specify CHAMP program on the referral.

  • UMHS physicians: please send MiChart orders to OT, PT and Therapeutic Recreation, noting CHAMP in the comment section
  • Physicians external to UMHS: please fax referrals to: 734-232-3264