Teen Advisory Council

The Teen Advisory Council at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital is a group of teens who seek to educate the hospital and community about the needs of teen patients, improve communication between teens and healthcare providers, and empower teens to participate in their care and medical decision making.

Many of members of the council are current or former teen patients, using their own experiences in healthcare to help improve the experience for other teens in the future.

Sample projects the council has been involved with include:

  1. Survey, intake, and consent form feedback: providing insight on content and wording for departments throughout Mott and in the community.
  2. Wacky Socks Drive: collecting over 700 pairs of fun socks to give to teen patients
  3. Virtual Reality Testing: testing new virtual reality headsets and new technologies being used in the hospital
  4. Accessibility consultations: working with the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum to help make the museum more accessible to families with health concerns
  5. Teen Game Night: hosting a monthly game night for teen patients before our council meetings
  6. International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN): participating in the international collective of children’s advisory councils, including sending representatives to iCAN’s annual summit

How do I get feedback from the Teen Advisory Council on a Mott Children’s Hospital product, clinical trial, program, or forms?

Contact Anna Gormley (co-chair) at [email protected].

How do I join the Mott Teen Advisory Council?

Interested teens can email [email protected]. The council meets once a month in the evening, usually at Mott Children’s Hospital.  Occasionally the council takes field trips to consult with community partners.