Patient and Family Centered Care

What Is Patient & Family Centered Care?

Patient & Family Centered Care is a model of providing care that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each family and encourages and empowers families to partner with health care providers. Opinions are asked, values are respected, and family members are viewed as key members of their child’s health care team. This partnership will provide your child with the best opportunity to heal.
The core principles of Patient & Family Centered Care are:
  • Providing dignified and respectful care by listening to and honoring each family’s personal values, practices and beliefs throughout all phases of care
  • Communicating and sharing accurate and complete information with patients and families in a timely manner in order to build trust and partnership
  • Creating an environment where families not only have the right to advocate for their child but are welcomed to do so without barriers
  • Encouraging patients and families to participate in decision-making at the level they choose
  • Providing opportunities for patients and families to collaborate with staff, faculty, and students to help create new and improved policies, programs and services by sharing experiences, advice, and wisdom gained through their personal health care experiences.

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