Hospital School Program

School plays a critical role in a child or adolescent’s life. When a child is hospitalized, keeping up with school can provide structure, a distraction from illness, and a focus on a future outside of the hospital.

Child and Family Life at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital provides a Hospital School Program for children and adolescents. The program offers certified teachers who are on staff to assist children in keeping up with their class work and remain engaged in their schools. With family’s permission, the hospital teacher partners with the child’s school and coordinates educational efforts with school staff.  

Our classroom, located on the 12th floor, gives our patients a chance to continue their education while they are in the hospital. The classroom is open Monday through Friday and offers daily sessions.

Bedside instruction is also available for patients who are unable to leave their hospital rooms.

School Intervention Specialist

A mixture of medical, learning and social/emotional challenges can impact a school-age child living with a chronic illness. School liaisons from Child and Family Life work alongside our medical clinics to serve as the bridge between the medical setting and the school community. School liaisons equip patients, caregivers and schools with the tools necessary to support collaboration, safety, academic and vocational success.

Take the next step

To arrange for your child to participate in school programs at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, please talk with your social worker, child life specialist or nursing staff.