Music Therapy

Our Board-Certified Music Therapists provide music therapy services upon referral to patients and families during their hospitalization. Music therapy services are tailored to each child and family’s needs. The music therapist collaborates directly with the patient’s care team to provide quality and appropriate music therapy services throughout the patient’s hospitalization.

How can my child benefit from Music Therapy?

Music therapy can help patients and families:

  • Cope with hospitalization
  • Relax and refocus from pain
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Express feelings
  • Be creative
  • Cope with tests and procedures
  • Bond with family and caregivers
  • Be active
  • Experience positive interactions through music 

What can happen in Music Therapy?

The relaxed, creative and playful environment during music therapy sessions can assist your child and family in feeling comforted and connected. During music therapy sessions, your child may:

  • Sing
  • Play instruments or learn to play an instrument
  • Relax to music
  • Write a song
  • Move to music
  • Record music 

What do parents say about Music Therapy?

  • “We are very thankful for bringing music into the recovery process. All of the therapists were a great comfort.”
  • “By far the best part of our treatment. Thank you.”
  • “We loved the way the therapists interacted with our child when appropriate and let her rest when she needed it.”
  • “It’s our favorite part of this whole ordeal.”
  • “We love it! It is wonderful for our family.”
  • “Our little lady loves music and having live music has calmed her and brightened her day! We love how dedicated the U of M staff is to making our stay the best it can be. Thank you!”
  • “The music therapist was a wonderful encouragement to our daughter. This is a wonderful program!”

Take the next step

For more information about our Music Therapy programs, call 734-232-5064 or contact a member of the Child Life team.

Support Music Therapy 

Donate online or talk with our development team about how your group or organization can support Music Therapy at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.”