Child Life Internship, Practicum and Fellowship Opportunities

We are pleased to offer three professional development opportunities – a child life fellowship, internship and a practicum experience for health professionals.

A Child Life Career Day event will be held on July 17th, 2019 at 5:30pm.    Please see the flyer for more information and the RSCP deadline.

Upcoming Child Life Information Sessions will be held on August 21st and October 16th at 5:30pm; these will be the final two sessions for the 2019 year. Please see the flyer for RSVP deadlines and more information.

Child Life Specialist Accredited Internship Program

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The Child & Family Life Department at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital offers a fifteen week internship. This opportunity is provided three times per year.  The winter internship begins in January, the summer internship begins in June, and the fall internship beginning in September. The experience consists of 40 hours per week resulting in a 600 hour clinical internship.

The Child Life Intern is responsible for supervised involvement in the planning and implementation of developmentally and psychosocially supportive programming for children and adolescents. Services will be provided in both the inpatient and outpatient areas of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in a rotation schedule designed by the intern and his/her supervisor.

The intern will be expected to incorporate play, emotional support, healthcare education, and family involvement in order to enhance the optimum development during the healthcare experience. Social, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of children and families will be addressed by the intern with supportive daily supervision, training and evaluation by certified child life specialists and other members of the multidisciplinary medical team.

The ongoing guidance and evaluation will enable the intern to:

  • provide meaningful therapeutic interventions and activities
  • assist children and families in their adjustment to the healthcare setting
  • share observations, experiences, and assessments with his/her on-site supervisor
  • develop assessment skills and intervention strategies
  • participate in multidisciplinary team approach to family centered care

Internship Program components

  • participation in monthly child life staff meetings
  • record daily intern journal entries
  • participate in assigned readings and discussion through weekly Journal Club
  • clinical training experience - Interns will have the opportunity to observe, shadow, and implement therapeutic interventions on different units in a rotation schedule
  • two patient case studies are required during the course of the internship
  • attend clinical skills and seminars throughout the course of the internship to enhance hands-on understanding and multidisciplinary learning
  • on-going self-evaluation including: reflection, weekly meetings and feedback by rotation supervisor and internship coordinator
  • develop, implement and assess an approved project
  • perform at least two site visits to other child life programs
  • develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified child life specialist

Apply to the Intership Program

We follow the ACLP guidelines for offer and acceptance dates.  Please follow this link for application deadlines.

There is a $300 educational fee required if you are chosen for an internship placement.

If selected for an internship, the following will be required:

Apply online

You will need to email and request a link to MBox.  Once you receive the MBox link, you will need to upload each document.  They must be labeled appropriately. Also include the Michigan Medicine application and the CACLP common application.

Please name your file attachment as: (first initial followed your last name with document title)


  • jhollyCSMottInternApp
  • jhollycoverletter
  • jhollyresume

Applications should include the following documents, in this order:

  1. C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital Application
  2. Cover letter
  3. Resume
  4. ACLP Eligibility Assessment
  5. ACLP Common Application
  6. Course Verification (if Eligibility Assessment is not passed)
  7. Verification of Practicum Experience/Volunteer/Related experience hours
  8. Recommendation Forms (must include contact information of person providing recommendation)
  9. Transcripts (Unofficial accepted; however, if selected for an internship placement, official documents will be requested)
  10. Copy of application fee receipt

Application fees

Application fees can be paid at (Instructions)
NOTE: Invoice Number/Unique Identifier (Enter "C&FL FEES)

For more information

Jenn Holly, MS, CCLS, CTRS
Internship Coordinator, Child and Family Life
Michigan Medicine
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
cflintership PH: 734 232-8690

Child Life Practicum Program

The Child and Family Life Department at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital offers students pursuing the profession of Child and Family Life a volunteer practicum experience. The student will learn how the profession of Child Life can assist patients and families navigate, understand and cope during their hospital experience. This will be provided by structured time focusing on the development of essential skills Child Life Specialists utilize to achieve these goals. This experience will focus on opportunities for the student to shadow and observe a Child Life Specialist in a variety of clinical settings. The student will also be encouraged to develop strong rapport building skills which are essential to building trust while helping patients and families through the hospital experience. The practicum student will be better prepared for his/her internship experience. It is preferred that applicants have taken a class taught by a Child Life Specialist and have completed a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer work in a pediatric hospital setting.

  • 120 hour volunteer experience in hospital, inpatient and/or outpatient setting
  • 10 week experience
  • 12 hours per week shadowing and observing child life specialist in the activity center and at the bedside on a rotation schedule determined by the internship coordinator and child life staff
  • participate in special events on the assigned unit
  • observation with other child and family life staff (activity therapists, creative arts therapists, and school teachers)
  • journal entry weekly with a focused topic selected by child life staff
  • initial assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation skills on a selected patient
  • contract of expectations and objectives developed by the individual with input from supervisor
  • orientation and training initiated by volunteer services and additional training and orientation by child life specialists in assigned areas
  • evaluation at mid-point and at conclusion of practicum experience with input from individual student, site supervisor and school supervisor (if applicable)
  • observation of procedure preparation and support by Child Life Specialist
  • completion of assignments including: Activity assessment and planning, scenario review, weekly assessment of experiences and developmental assessment of selected patients

Applications for the summer practicum are due January 5, for fall by March 15, and for Winter by September5. There is a $100 educational fee required if you are chosen for a practicum placement.  If you are interested in applying to our practicum program, please fill out and return the Practicum Application. Three signed letters of reference should accompany your application as well as a brief paragraph stating how the practicum experience will help you on your chosen career path. Please be sure to include your name, date and title on the page including your brief paragraph.

Practicum Applications

Practicum Applications  can be submitted via e-mail to or faxed to (734) 232-6744 Attention: Kim Manasco.  Reference letters for the practicum applications do not need to be sealed; however, any reference letter which does not include contact information for the person writing the letter on your behalf, will not be accepted.

For more information

Kim Manasco, CCLS
Practicum Coordinator
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital
PH: 734-232-6744

Child Life Fellowship

Michigan Medicine along with the Child and Family Life Department is committed to providing quality education and training for both students and professionals. The Fellowship offers entry-level child life experience for a college graduate who has completed a minimum 600 hour Child Life internship. Certification or exam eligible required. Details pertaining to the start date and application due date can be found on the application.