Preparing for Surgery at Mott Children's Hospital

Welcome to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the surgery team. We thank ​you ​for ​choosing ​us ​to care for ​your child. ​We ​believe ​every ​child’s ​experience matters and their ​comfort ​and ​safety ​are our ​top ​priorities. This information ​was ​developed ​to ​help parents and caregivers know what​ ​to ​expect ​beforethe ​day ​of, ​and ​after ​surgery.

We’ve also included preoperative information sheet (see below for additional languages) and a surgery checklist for parents, tips on how to talk to your child about having surgery and a handy list of common questions children might ask before surgery.

If ​you ​still have ​questions ​after ​reviewing ​this information, ​we ​encourage ​you ​to ​call ​the pre-surgery center at ​877-368-1316 or contact ​your ​surgeon’s ​office.

Download the Preoperative Information Sheet