Preparation Timeline

Use this timeline to help prepare for your child’s procedure. Following the timeline will minimize any chances of the procedure being cancelled or postponed.

Within a Month of Procedure

  • Schedule a pre-operative visit. Call 734–232–5872.

One to Two Weeks Before Procedure

  • Children should STOP taking any aspirin, ibuprofen or medications containing these ingredients for a FULL two weeks (14 days) before anesthesia unless you are told otherwise.

The Day Before Procedure

  • There is always a chance your child will need to be admitted to the hospital overnight. This would be a good time to make advance preparations for other children and work.
  • A nurse from Mott Pre–op will call you the day before the procedure. If an operation or tests are scheduled for Monday, we will call you on Friday. The nurse will let you know your check–in time and when your child will have to stop eating and drinking. It is important that the nurse speak directly to a caregiver. You may call 877–331–3330 in the morning and leave your name and contact number.
  • Bathe your child the evening before anesthesia

If you have not heard from us by 7 pm or if you have any additional questions, please call 877–368–1316.

The Day of Procedure

  • Remove makeup, nail polish, contact lenses, earrings, body piercings and other jewelry, and tampons.
  • Dress your child in loose clothing. An extra pair of underwear may come in handy. Long hair should be pulled away from the face.
  • Bring a toy, book, blanket, pacifier or other comfort item for your child. Older children may want to bring hand–held electronics.
  • You might want to leave siblings at home since your child will need all of your attention that day.

For more information or to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to call 734-232-5872.