Overnight Accommodations

Most patient care units permit one parent or guardian to room-in overnight with the patient as the “parent partner in care.” However, this may not be available in all units, so speak with your health care team once you arrive.

Sleeping is permitted on the window couches and in sleep chairs. Guests are not encouraged to sleep in the bed with the patient, and the patient is not permitted to sleep on the couch/in the sleep chair with the parent/guardian.

We request that parents/guardians respect patient bedtimes. Any talking, reading or TV watching after patient bedtime should be done in the family waiting room on the unit. Since the units allow little privacy, parents/guardians are asked to select pajamas for themselves with this in mind. Please be up and dressed by 8 a.m. Each parent is responsible for making his or her own bed at night and in the morning. Parents'/guardians’ belongings and suitcases should be stored in the locker provided or in the bedside stand. To facilitate housekeeping, the bedside area should be kept tidy.

Laundry facilities are available on the floor so you may wash your own and your child's clothes. Please check with a nurse before using the machines. Parents/guardians are welcome to order guest meal trays or purchase meals in the University Hospital cafeteria. Disposable trays and utensils may be brought back to the unit. Most patient units have a small kitchen across from the nursing station that is equipped with a microwave oven, ice machine and refrigerator. All food in this kitchen is for patient use only.

Families may bring their child food from home if it supports the patient’s care plan. This food can be stored in the nourishment room refrigerator. Please label and date anything you store in this refrigerator. Any food which has not been labeled and/or used within 48 hours of the date indicated will be discarded. The hospital will not be responsible for any lost or discarded food.

Since hospitals are public places, security can be a problem. Therefore, we suggest keeping purses with you at all times and leaving valuable possessions at home to prevent loss. Mott Children's Hospital cannot be responsible for the loss of personal items.

Patient and Visitor Hotel Accommodations Program

This service is available 7 a.m. -11 p.m. (7days) to help you find a room in Ann Arbor at a lower cost. At the request of these hotels and motels, all questions and room requests must go through Patient Visitor Accommodations. They can be reached at (800) 544-8684 or 734-936-0100 or by visiting med.umich.edu/hotels.

Med Inn

The Med Inn building is attached to the U-M Hospitals. Within the Med Inn building is a 30-room hotel which offers comfortable, convenient rooms. Rooms are limited; therefore, families of surgery and intensive care patients receive priority.

Michigan Transplant House

Transplant patients who are ready to be discharged from the hospital but still require close monitoring can stay with their families at this six-bedroom facility. Located at 1011 Cornwall Place, the Transplant House provides a comfortable, home-like setting for recovery. Nightly rates are $22 for a single and $25 for a double. If space is available, non-transplant patients are welcome to stay here, as well.

For information, call 734-936-0100 or toll free 1-800-544-8684 .

Ronald McDonald House

Families of children receiving care at the University of Michigan can find low cost rooms at the Ronald McDonald House. This community-run facility is located next to the medical campus at 1600 Washington Heights. A donation of $10 per family per night is requested.

To make arrangements, call 734-994-4442, seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.