Online Access to Your Child's Health Information

The patient portal and parents is the patient portal that connects you to University of Michigan Health and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

What is proxy access

  1. As a parent, you can use to be involved with your child's health information. Using the patient portal to view another patient's information is called proxy access. Patient privacy is extremely important to us, so we have developed a policy around parents' and guardians' access to their child's patient portal that follows state and federal laws. This means that you can see different amounts of information based on your child's age.  Adults can also grant proxy access to a family member or friend-Learn more about proxy access for adult accounts

Using the portal as a parent

Here is a general breakdown of what parents or guardians can see with proxy access to their child's account: 

Patient age Information available to parents
0-12+ years Full access to all information and functionality available on the portal
13+-18 years

Limited access to information and functionality on the portal, which follows laws for patient confidentiality during this age range.  Access includes:  •Allergy list •Immunization records •Secure messaging to patient’s care team

Teens can request their own accounts with the approval of their primary care doctor or pediatrician, who helps make sure that they will be capable of safely using the portal.  
Parents should not request accounts on behalf of their teens in order to gain access to potentially confidential or restricted information. These requests will be denied, and unauthorized accounts established by parents on behalf of their teen will be deactivated.  
18 + years No automatic access to information for parent proxies, as the patient is now a legal adult. The patient can choose to give another adult, including their parents, proxy access to their portal. Read more about proxy access for adults

For many parents, it's hard to accept that their children are unable to share their medical records from ages 13-18. Often parents take the lead for their child’s health needs and their child may not have a desire for full control of their health care choices.  

While it may be hard to accept not being able to access your child’s medical records after age 13, the federal and state guidelines as well as our own U-M policies are fully designed to protect teens that do need to keep some health care choices private. 

More resources: What parents need to know about health care proxy accounts for adolescent and young adult children

How to sign up for proxy access

To view your child’s information, you must have a account for yourself. An account is available to you even if you are not a patient at U of M.

    • If you don't use the patient portal already, visit and click “Request one now” to create your own account. 
    • Then, you will request Proxy Consent Form online using this form . 
    • Sometimes additional information is required to make sure we only allow the right people to access a patient’s information. You will be contacted if this is the case. 

It can take some time to get your own account started because your identity will be verified before you can access your sensitive health information. Proxy access usually takes three more days to verify, which allows time for the team to ensure only the right people are gaining access to health information.

Once you’ve received proxy access, your personal account will be connected to your child’s. You will log into your own account to view your child’s information. 

Get help with the patient portal

If you have questions about proxy access, you may e-mail us at [email protected], or you can call our Health Information Management Department at 734-615-0872 Monday through Friday 7am – 7pm and Saturday 8am – 1pm.

Access to traditional medical records 

Keep in mind that the level of access you have to your child’s online health information through the patient portal does not affect your legal rights to traditional medical records. Learn more about requesting medical records.