Safety & Security

Everyone who works at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care in an exceptional environment. That’s why we have a number of systems, policies and teams in place to focus on one thing – the safety of our patients.

Secure Facilities

We enforce a strict approach to security at all University of Michigan hospitals. Our Security & Entrance Services team monitors all building main entrances, some of which are equipped with U-M ID-reader devices to ensure only authorized individuals can enter. In addition, all stairwells are locked and many are equipped with U-M ID-reader devices. Our staff is trained to prevent and respond to security issues and we ask that patients, families and visitors do their part by reporting any concerns directly to a nurse or other available staff member.

Employee and Volunteer Identification

All on-duty employees and volunteers must wear an ID badge that identifies them by name, photo and job title. If someone approaches you without a U-M ID, feel free to ask to see his or her identification. If the person fails to produce an identification card, immediately notify a nurse or staff member. Remember, a white coat or stethoscope is not a substitute for a U-M ID badge.

Patient Identification Band

All children are given an identification band when admitted to the hospital. The ID Band is used as an important safety measure in many aspects of a child’s care, for the hospital staff is trained to check the ID Band prior to certain activities. It is required that each patient wears an ID Band at all times when hospitalized.

HUGS Tags and Alarms

Our youngest patients--infants and children under two--and those with special needs receive an extra identification band for added security. HUGS is Mott’s child protection system which is activated by a small tag attached to your child’s ankle. The tags are very sensitive and will alert the floor staff and Security if anyone:

  • Tampers with the tag
  • Cuts the band
  • Tries to leave the floor without signing out
  • Gets too close to an open exit or elevator
  • Has not returned to the floor within the pre-set amount of time


Family and Visitor Identification Badge

For the safety of your child, all family members and visitors must wear an ID badge at all times. ID badges are provided at Security Welcome Desks throughout the hospital. When getting your ID badge, please be prepared to provide the following information;

  • Full name of patient
  • Relationship to the patient
  • Photo identification
  • Parking ticket for validation stamp


Additional Security Features

  • Our Child Protection Team provides consultation and management of suspected child abuse and neglect cases. To contact the Child Protection Team call 734-763-0215.
  • We adhere to strict privacy policies and all HIPAA guidelines to ensure the confidentiality of our patients’ health information.
  • In order to help prevent the spread of germs, everyone requesting a visitor badge will be screened using a health questionnaire. It is important that visitors do not come to the hospital when ill.


Security Staff

You can feel confident that you and your child will be secure at Mott. The vast majority of officers have college degrees and all officers must pass a comprehensive background check, a psychological evaluation, and physical and drug screening tests. Once hired, officer training includes Red Cross adult certification, child and infant first aid and CPR, non-violent crisis intervention, and defensive tactics.

The Security Department offers many additional services, including:

  • Parking passes and validation
  • Escorts to your car and Ronald McDonald House
  • Assistance in finding your way around the medical campus
  • Help with vehicle jumpstarts
  • Assistance with family-requested visitor restrictions
  • Help finding family wait space during crisis situations
  • Assistance with public transportation (taxi, bus)

Staff at Security Welcome Desks are available to answer questions and provide the services you need. For more information, visit or call 734-936-7890.