Registration and Admitting

All patients receiving services at a C.S. Mott Children's Hospital or a University of Michigan Health Center must register prior to seeing a physician.

Upon registration, the patient will be given a medical record number that serves as permanent identification. In addition, registration staff will collect the following information:

  • the patient’s address
  • next-of-kin
  • billing and insurance information
  • referring and family physician information

This information is entered into a computer file that serves as the patient’s registration record. It’s a good idea to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to complete this process.

There are several registration areas throughout the hospital complex. Please refer to the patient appointment slip that you receive from the clinic or testing area for details on where to register.


A patient may be called three days before an appointment to pre-register on the phone, rather than doing so the day of the scheduled appointment. If your child is pre-registered, you do not need to go through the process on the day of your visit. For more information, contact the UMHS Registration and Insurance Verification office toll-free at 866-452-9896 or locally at 734-936-4990, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday.


Your child’s doctor’s office will handle all admission arrangements and will likely tell you when and what time to arrive at Mott Hospital. It’s also possible that you will receive a call from the hospital to verify your specific admission time. Prior to admission, a representative from Admissions/Business Services may contact you to obtain information about insurance benefits or other payment arrangements. If your insurance requires pre-certification before admission, be sure to let your doctor's office know this so that arrangements can be made in a timely manner. Admissions/Business Services staff may notify you before admission about any portion of your bill which will not be covered by your insurance. In that case, a deposit will be required upon admission for the amount not covered by insurance.

If, prior to admission, your child has a temperature, runny nose or cough, been exposed recently to mumps, measles, chicken pox or rubella, or has vomiting, diarrhea or a rash, please contact your admitting physician before coming to the hospital. Any of these symptoms may result in canceling the admission, and a phone call could prevent an unnecessary trip.

When you arrive at the hospital, check in at the Admissions and Business office. You will need to check in even if your child has been pre-admitted. Pre-admitting speeds up the admissions process, but does not eliminate it. During check-in, you will be asked to sign a patient consent form. Then, once the room is ready, you will be able to settle in. Sometimes patients proceed directly from admitting to a testing area per doctor’s instructions.

If you want to room-in with your child, we will do our best to honor your request. Please note that only one parent/guardian is allowed to stay in the room. Each unit has a family lounge that can accommodate the other parent(s)/guardian(s). Siblings are not allowed to stay overnight in the patient's room and should not be left on the unit without parental supervision. Please review our guidelines for staying overnight.

If you have any additional questions regarding admission, please call Admission and Business Services at 734-936-6039. The Admission and Business Services office is open 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Admitting is open 24-hours a day.

Special considerations

  • All schedule admissions for Pediatric Hematology, Oral Surgery or Otolaryngology services (except those scheduled for same-day-surgery - ADP’s) must have a pre-admission check through these specific ambulatory service areas. Notification by mail or phone of the admission date and pre-admission check-up time will reach you in adequate time to make necessary arrangements.
  • Pediatric Cardiology patients receive a comprehensive information packet before their schedule admission dates. This packet includes cardiology-specific details on what to bring, what to expect and how to prepare for treatment. Questions should be directed to Michigan Congenital Heart Center's coordinating center at 734-936-7784.
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Admission to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital will be arranged by the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Admissions and Appointment Office. When a request for admission is made to this office, a brief psychiatric history will be taken by a social worker. If admission is clinically appropriate, the Intake Social Worker will obtain insurance information. If your insurance company requires pre-certification, the health care professional who referred your child is responsible for obtaining that pre-certification. Your arrival time will be discussed with you. Unless otherwise instructed, please park in the visitor parking structure. Enter the Taubman Center on Level 3 and proceed directly to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry inpatient unit. To speak to a representative of the Admissions and Appointments Office, please call 1-800-525-5188.

Useful Phone Numbers

  • Admission and Business Services: 734-936-6929
  • Bed Placement: 734-764-3314
  • Guest Assistance Program: 800-888-9825 or 734-764-6893
  • Mott Children’s Hospital Clinic Directory/Information: 734-936-4000
  • Mott Community Relations: 734-764-6874
  • UMHS Registration and Insurance Verification: 866-452-9896 or 734-936-4990