Getting Ready for Your Child's Procedure

Whether your child is having an operation or a diagnostic procedure that requires anesthesia, there are important steps you need to take to protect the health and safety of your child, and to prevent cancellation or postponement of your child’s procedure.

Nothing by Mouth

Having an empty stomach for anesthesia is EXTREMELY important to your child’s safety. NOTHING by mouth means just that – NOTHING – no gum, mints, water, etc.

  • NO solids 6 hours before procedure
  • NO bottle milk 6 hours before procedure
  • NO breast milk 4 hours before procedure
  • NO water, Pedialyte® or apple juice 2 hours before procedure

Failure to follow this instruction could lead to serious lung problems from vomiting or regurgitation. Consequently, your child’s procedure may be cancelled or delayed if they have had something by mouth.

Emotional Readiness

Your child will look to you for guidance in how to behave in a stressful situation. Be calm and honest with family members about the procedure and speak positively about how the procedure will help your child.

If you think the day of the procedure will be stressful, bring a support person with you or request to speak to a Child Life Specialist or Social Worker.

Possible Cancellations

Every precaution should be taken to keep your child healthy prior to a procedure requiring anesthesia.

Please report any signs or symptoms of illness to 734–232–5872 as early as possible.

Sometimes unpredictable events may result in the delay or cancellation of your child’s procedure, including:

  • Emergency operations
  • Operations that take longer than anticipated
  • No available beds in the hospital

For more information or to ask any questions, please do not hesitate to call 734-232-5872.