ATM, Laundry and Amenities


There is an ATM located on Level 2 of Mott/Von Voigtlander behind the Welcome Desk. There are also two ATMs located on Level 2 of University Hospital. One is located at the triangle intersection in the University Hospital (commonly referred to as “The Triangle”). The other is located in University Hospital next to the cashier’s office, just down the hall from the Gift Shop.


Local calls and credit or phone card long-distance calls can be made from your child’s bedside telephone by pressing 97 followed by the phone number. Please note that in order to promote a restful environment, bedside phones are turned off between 10 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. Public phones are located on several floors of Mott Hospital. For specific locations, visit the Welcome Center or ask your Unit Host/Service Coordinator.

Cell phones may be used in common areas in general care patient rooms. However cell phones should not be used within one foot of medical devices nor in intensive care patient rooms. Additionally two-way radios and other post-to-talk devices should not be used at all.

Laundry Services

Washer and dryers are located on each inpatient care floor and are available for patient and family use, free of charge.

From the Heart

University of Michigan athletes are given the opportunity to impact the lives of many of the children being cared for at Mott through regular visits. Mott collaborates with the U-M Athletic Department, making arrangements to bring athletes from various teams to Mott every Thursday evening to visit with pediatric patients and families. Additionally, From the Heart helps patients and former patients attend sporting events. This program is operated in part by the Child and Family Life Department.

For more information contact the Child & Family Life staff person on your child’s unit.


Each patient bed/infusion chair has free access to the GetWellNetwork. The GetWellNetwork transforms patients' in-room TV into an interactive patient care experience, inviting patients and families to participate in care. The GetWellNetwork can be used to:

  • Learn more about health, procedures and medication
  • Communicate with hospital staff
  • Watch television and on-demand movies
  • E-mail family and friends
  • Surf the Internet
  • Play games
  • Access information about hospital services and facilities
  • Provide feedback about the hospital stay



Medbuddies is a special program and partnership between C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, the University of Michigan Medical School and the University of Michigan School of Nursing. The program pairs a volunteer medical or nursing student with a Mott inpatient. The two play board or video games together, talk, read books, visit with family and simply become friends.

As Medbuddies volunteers, doctors/nurses-in-training leave their lab coats and textbooks behind and gain insight to what it's really like to be a child in the hospital. As Medbuddies participants, the young patients get compassionate companions, and their families get a break from the day-to-day stress of hospitalization.

Medbuddies coordinators meet with staff nurses and Child Life specialists each week to identify new patients who they think will benefit from participating in the program—typically patients who will be in the hospital for an extended period of time. If the patient is interested, he or she is paired up with a medical or nursing student Medbuddy. In addition, families can request a Medbuddy for their loved one.

For more information contact the Unit Coordinator on your child’s unit.

Michigan Game Day Experience

Game Day Experience is a Michigan Football themed space available for children to play. The space is divided into zones that reflect the Michigan Football experience and includes areas for both active and quiet play. All children under 16 must be with an adult who will sign the child in and remain in the play space. Children under isolation/precautions are not allowed in the play space. The Football Game Day Experience is open 7 days a week; hours vary.