Activity Centers

Our Child and Family Life Activity Centers are hubs for programs, services and support, including play. A balance of self-directed play and structured activities give hospitalized children a sense of normalcy in an unfamiliar environment.

Through the Activity Centers, we provide arts and crafts, music, games and other recreational activities for all ages, and match them to each child’s interests and developmental needs. Special events and holiday celebrations also take place in the Activity Centers. We encourage families to participate.

All Activity Centers are procedure-free zones where no painful or invasive treatments occur. This helps to create a safe place for kids to feel at ease. Staff provide a comfortable environment for children and young adults to ask questions and express their thoughts and feelings.

Structured groups may include medical play, art and music therapy groups and structured developmental play. These groups help to restore a sense of control and mastery as well as provide an outlet for thoughts and feelings. Through therapeutic activities, we help children gain coping skills, minimize stress, promote development, increase self-esteem and reduce feelings of isolation.

Activity Center staff is trained in child development and hold relevant degrees/certifications in areas such as activity therapy, art and music therapy, recreational therapy, child life and teaching.

Outpatient Activity Centers

  • Cardiology Clinic Child Life Area Floor 1
  • Cancer Center Pediatric Infusion Clinic Child Life Area- B1


Inpatient Activity Centers

  • Room F5553, Floor 5
  • Room F6663, Floor 6
  • Room F7663, Floor 7
  • Isolated Play, Room F7553, Floor 7
  • Pre-Op Child Life Area F3101 on Floor 3
  • Classroom F6555


For more information

Talk with your child’s health care team or call Child and Family Life at 734-936-6519.