Toy and Gift Safety Guidelines

All gifts in-kind to C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital should conform to the safety and sanitary guidelines below.

  • We need to check gifts for safety and age appropriateness and therefore ask that you please do not wrap them. Gift-wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and tags are welcomed donations.
  • For safety and health reasons, toys and books should be new, with store tags attached.
  • Due to infection control guidelines, donors are not allowed to personally distribute gifts directly to patients.
  • Please avoid dollar store items because of recent safety recalls and their tendency to break.
  • If you wish to donate beanie babies, blankets and other knitted items please contact us to see if there is a need.
  • The Child and Family Life staff distributes donations in the interest of Mott patients. If a donation cannot be appropriately used in the children’s hospital, we will distribute it at University Hospital, or pass it on to Ann Arbor Kiwanis, or other outside organizations.
  • Please contact us about donating hand-made items.
  • Avoid toys with many small parts that can be removed, swallowed or inhaled and toys that have sharp edges or protrusions that can be poked into eyes.
  • Only new stuffed toys can be accepted because of air-borne mold, dust or other small particles that can aggravate a child’s fragile immune system.
  • Fire regulations forbid electrical, spark-producing or friction-producing toys.
  • Painted toys must be non-toxic. Any glue or paint in craft kits must also be non-toxic.
  • Please bring only mylar balloons with strings no longer than 12 inches. No latex balloons are permitted in Mott due to the potential threat of choking and latex sensitivity.
  • Toys representing violent themes cannot be accepted.
  • Toys with religious themes cannot be accepted.

If you have further questions about in-kind donations, please contact Mott Community Relations at 734-764-1260 or