Toy and Gift Safety Guidelines

To maintain a safe environment for our patients and families, all donations must follow the guidelines below.

All donations must be brand new, odor-free, and in original packaging.

  • For durability and safety purposes, we prefer name brand items when possible.

We cannot accept the following:

  • Popular collector items that have been gathered and stored over a significant period of time
  • Gift wrapped items
  • Afghans and crocheted blankets
  • Knit or handmade beanies and hats
  • Hand sewn stuffed animals
  • Used or gently used items
  • Violent themed items (i.e. items containing guns, swords, blood, violence, etc.) including Nerf guns
  • Religious themed items or messages
  • Handmade items, including greeting cards and Valentine’s/holiday cards
  • Medical supplies or equipment
  • Food, candy, beverages, etc.

Donor expectations:

  • We understand how special your personal story is and that you may want to share it with others. To protect your privacy and that of our patients, we ask that you respect the sensitive nature of any hospitalization and refrain from including any messages, logos or stories with your donation. However, if you would like to share your story, you are welcome to provide one card or short note that we can share with our staff.
  • Due to infection control guidelines, donors are not allowed to personally distribute gifts directly to patients.
  • If donations include any personal information, they will be removed before distribution. 
  • Donors should not expect to receive pictures, stories, or updates from patients or families. 

If you have further questions about in-kind donations, please contact Mott Community Relations at [email protected].