C.S. Mott Children's Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women's Hospital Advisory Council

Advocates for advancing research, care, and education for both children’s and women’s health comprise the Mott and Von Voigtlander Advisory Council. We’re grateful they’re lending their personal expertise — and passion for progress — to our fundraising efforts. Together, we will transform the future of health care for the benefit of children and families everywhere. To learn how you can join, contact:

Maria Bertram
Managing Director, Children’s and Women’s Health
Office of Development
[email protected] 


  • Sarah and Jim Harbaugh

Council Members:

  • Jon and Mary Aaron
  • Raj and Emily Alva
  • Paul Apostolos and Alicia Peristeris
  • Adam and Marsha Beattie
  • Ryan and Gina Bewersdorf
  • Robert M. and Susan C. Brown
  • Jamie and Abbie Buhr
  • Dennis Crowley and Anita Clos
  • Mike and Lisa Cotton
  • The Criscuolo Family (Rosario Criscuolo and Deanna (Criscuolo) McLellan)
  • Kyle and Patricia Cruz
  • Ric and Donna DeVore
  • Joel and Melissa Dorfman
  • Stephen and Nicole Eisenberg
  • Patrick and Kristin Finn
  • Doug and Betsy Fox
  • Steve and Teri Furr
  • Max and Pam Goldman
  • John and Jan Hamilton
  • Bill Hampton and Tavi Fulkerson
  • Robert and Kate Henry
  • Jazelle and Jarrett Irons
  • Gary and Chris Johnson
  • Larry and Diane Johnson
  • Graham and Stephanie Korneffel
  • Kenny and Lainie Lipschutz
  • Ida Malian
  • Mike and Kristine Martin
  • Mark McManus, Jr. and Jessica Persichini
  • Raghu and Rashida Mendu
  • Peter and Carolyn Mertz
  • Jeff and Laura Norman
  • Mark Ouimet and Donna Hrozencik
  • Rob Pollock
  • Rich and Susan Rogel
  • Pat and Marilyn Romzek
  • Brian and Tiffany Rooney
  • Michael and Becca Schostak
  • Gary and Susan Staub
  • Vic Strecher and Jeri Rosenberg
  • Jason and Elizabeth Valente
  • Jeff and Kathleen VonVoigtlander
  • Neil and Stacy Weissman
  • Frank and Barbara Westover
  • Charles Woodson