Research and Innovation in Pediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our pediatric surgery faculty love what they do and continually strive to innovate, develop new techniques and instruments. We continually seek to create new techniques of performing surgery in safer and more precise ways, with less pain and faster recovery.

When our pediatric surgeons have confronted limitations to what can be performed minimally invasively, they frequently face these challenges with innovative solutions that have at times resulted in broadening the entire field of pediatric minimally invasive surgery.  Led by the creative precedent set by renowned surgeon and innovator James Geiger, MD, several members of our team have collaborated with engineers and other scientists to develop new surgical tools through our Pediatric Device Consortium.

We are also international leaders in research efforts to improve surgical techniques and understand the long-term impact on children’s developing organs and structures from pediatric surgery.  View a list of recent research studies and publications from our surgical team.

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