Our Pediatric Colorectal Specialty Program Team

We are a collaborative team of multidisciplinary pediatric specialists with specialized expertise in caring for children with colorectal conditions.  Our team includes specialists from pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric radiology, nurse specialists, nutritionists, psychologist and physical therapy who strive to deliver preeminent care to our families.

This multidisciplinary approach is truly unique in that patients and families can expect a higher level of coordinated care without the inconvenience of traveling from one specialist to another to receive a full spectrum of care.

Our entire colorectal team meets monthly to discuss the care and treatment of children who are newly diagnosed, those currently in treatment, and families seeking a second opinion. This multidisciplinary forum leverages our collective expertise to provide a thorough, comprehensive approach to the care of children with colorectal disorders.

Our team includes the following professionals:

Pediatric Surgery: The pediatric surgeons involved in the colorectal program have special interest and expertise in pediatric colorectal disorders. Each family will be cared for by two pediatric surgeons in conjunction other team members.

Pediatric Urology:  It is very common for a child with a congenital colorectal anomaly to have an associated urological anomaly that requires management. The pediatric urological team works to address any voiding issues your child may have.

Pediatric Radiology: Our team has developed a number of advanced imaging protocols to assess stooling function. The pediatric radiology team will help determine the best method to evaluate your child and work with the entire colorectal team to accurately interpret all test results.

Pediatric Gastroenterologists:Pediatric gastroenterologists specialize in the evaluation and management of children with inflammatory bowel disease and are involved with many diagnostic procedures, including colonoscopy

Nurse Specialists: The nurses involved in the colorectal program are educated in the care and special needs of pediatric colorectal patients. Your nurses will see you in clinic, help make arrangements for any procedures necessary, coordinate follow-up care and track your child’s progress.

Nutritionists: We have two nutritionists involved in the pediatric colorectal program. The nutritionist works with you in setting nutrition goals, follows your nutrition intake, and offers suggestions on how to achieve your nutrition requirements to ensure your child grows and develops normally.

Psychologist/ Behaviorist:  Due to the unique challenges these children face, a colorectal program is not complete without behavioral and psychological support. The psychologists’ and behavioral pediatricians involved in the colorectal program have specific training and expertise relating to behavioral strategies around stooling and toilet training and play and integral role in the care of your child.

Physical Therapy: A physical therapist is available to provide pelvic muscle training, biofeedback and a series of exercise programs to help achieve improved continence and a coordinated bowel movement.  The physical therapist works on specialty exercises that will help with both voiding and stooling.

We also partner with the Michigan Medicine Adult Pelvic Floor Program and our GI Physiology Laboratory to provide comprehensive and state of the art care for children with a host of pediatric colorectal problems.

Discover the Michigan Difference in pediatric colorectal surgical care.

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