Gynecologic Care for Young Women with Blood Disorders

Bleeding and clotting disorders have medical and social consequences at every stage of life. Unique issues arise once an adolescent girl starts menstruation or needs contraception.

Our Collaborative Gynecology & Hematology Clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to caring for adolescent girls and young women with bleeding and clotting disorders. 

Comprehensive services

We offer a full-spectrum of care for young women with bleeding or clotting disorders, including diagnostic expertise and treatment options for:  

  • patients with excessive menstrual bleeding, leading to anemia or a low hemoglobin
  • patients with a history of clots in their blood vessels or a family history of a clotting disorder, desiring contraceptives or menstrual suppression
  • patients with known disorders that can result in excessive menstrual bleeding, such as:
    • Von Willebrand disease
    • Thrombocytopenia (low platelets)
    • Platelet function defects
    • Coagulation factor deficiencies (such as Factor 7, Factor 11, Factor 13 deficiency)
    • Hemophilia A or B carriers

A collaborative, team approach to care

Each patient is seen by a gynecologist who specializes in the care of adolescents and young adults, a pediatric hematologist trained in the care of patients with abnormal bleeding and clotting, a nurse specialist and a social worker with special expertise working with young women with bleeding and clotting disorders. We provide consultation for new patients, as well as continuing care for return patients that have already been seen by adolescent gynecology or pediatric hematology.

Our team is committed to providing family-centered care with compassion and respect. We work to develop a plan of care that meets the needs of each patient and her family.

Make an appointment

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