X-ray (Pediatric General Imaging)

An X-ray is electromagnetic radiation that is able to penetrate the body and produce an image. At the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Department of Pediatric Radiology, our goal is to produce high quality diagnostic X-rays (radiographs) using the lowest possible radiation exposure. Our board-certified pediatric radiologists and support staff are specially trained to help children from newborns to teens to feel relaxed and comfortable during their X-rays, minimizing discomfort and accommodating any special needs.

Our X-ray equipment has been specifically chosen for use with pediatric patients, and fully adapts to provide excellent images from small infants to older teens.

General Imaging services include:

  • X-rays, including chest, abdomen and bone
  • In cases of medical urgency or emergency, portable X-ray machines may be brought to the patient.
  • The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital Emergency Department has dedicated in-room and portable X-ray equipment used solely for Emergency Department patients.

Providing proper imaging for a child can be challenging. Although X-rays are painless, many children are afraid or are nervous and fidget when they need to be still. Our experienced and compassionate radiology staff understands how to work with children and put them at ease. The presence of a parent to assist and console the child also helps considerably.

We provide X-ray (radiography) imaging services for inpatients and outpatients in C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, including emergency room patients and patients in the operating rooms.

We also offer X-ray services for pediatric patients at several University of Michigan Health System satellite facilities.

X-ray examinations do not require an advance appointment. When your child needs an X-ray, you will not need to wait to get one. Results will be provided to your child’s physician shortly after the study. All inpatient and outpatient pediatric radiographs will be read by specialists in pediatric radiology. Images are available to your child’s UMHS doctor immediately after they are obtained. For outpatients, official reports from our radiologists are provided on the date of study.

All X-ray examinations are on a walk-in basis; appointments are not necessary. If you have any questions about our X-ray service contact us as 734-936-4500.

Hours: Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.