Radiology and Imaging (Pediatric)

The Department of Pediatric Radiology at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic radiological services for children from newborn to teens. Our board-certified pediatric radiologists and support staff are specially trained to help children feel relaxed and comfortable, while minimizing discomfort and accommodating any special needs. We place special emphasis on attaining the most optimal images while minimizing radiation exposure.

Providing proper imaging for a child can be challenging. Some children are afraid to be separated from their parents during the test, while others are nervous and fidget when they need to be still. In most instances, however, a parent will remain with the child during the test and help to guide them through the process. Our experienced and compassionate staff understands how to work with children and put them at ease. Our radiology imaging equipment has been specifically developed and chosen for use in pediatric patients. Everything we do is tailored to the well-being and comfort of kids. Our pediatric radiologists have additional training and experience in the interpretation of pediatric studies. By focusing on children, we provide a high quality service for children, not achievable in a general radiology service in which pediatric radiology is not a specialty.

In all of our pediatric studies and protocols, we ensure that the radiation dosage is correct for the size of the child. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment allows for studies to be done quicker and better, while also minimizing radiation exposure. Our department is 100 percent digital, providing for a fast turnaround time in getting reports back to your child’s physicians. Images are immediately available to UMHS medical personnel via our electronic medical record.

Services at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Pediatric Radiology Department include:

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