Endocrine Surgery (Pediatric)

Most pediatric endocrine disorders can be managed without surgery, making endocrine surgery relatively uncommon.  For that reason, many surgeons have relatively limited experience performing endocrine surgery in children.  Choosing a program with deep expertise in pediatric endocrine surgery and a multidisciplinary approach to medical and surgical care is of great importance for families of children with endocrine disorders.

Surgical expertise for pediatric endocrine disorders

A number of childhood endocrine conditions could require surgery.  Some of the more common conditions for which surgery could be considered for include:

  • Thyroid nodules
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Graves’ disease
  • Multinodular goiters
  • Multiple endocrine neoplasm (MEN) syndromes
  • Hyperparathyroidism (HPT)
  • Adrenocortical tumors
  • Other adrenal tumors

Our surgeons are experienced caring for both routine cases and complex endocrine disorders. We are often referred patients with highly advanced endocrine conditions requiring state-of-the-art surgical care not available elsewhere, and our surgeons offer expertise in both minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques.

Research studies have demonstrated that the number of cases performed by a surgeon and a hospital directly influence the outcomes and complications of surgery.  The more of a particular procedure surgeons and hospitals perform the better the patient outcomes and the lower the rate of complications. The number of endocrine surgeries performed by Michigan Medicine surgeons means results in our surgeons possessing a unique level of expertise in the field, which means better outcomes for our patients.

Comprehensive care for each individual patient

The Multidisciplinary Pediatric Endocrine Surgery (MPES) Clinic at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital is a unique collaboration between University of Michigan pediatric endocrinology, pediatric surgery, pediatric radiology and nuclear medicine.  Each member of the MPES team has specialized expertise caring for children with endocrine disorders and the complex surgical care required for conditions require that may surgery.

Patients being evaluated for surgery by the MPES team are seen in a single multidisciplinary clinic setting.  We make every effort to schedule all necessary lab work and pre-surgical examinations during a single day, for your convenience.  Each of our physicians collaborate to ensure continuity of care throughout your child’s journey.

Compassionate support, every step of the way

We are committed to providing patient and family centered care for children and families with endocrine disorders. 

Throughout your journey, our doctors and nurses will be available to answer any questions and provide you with support and resources.  We also offer access to social workers to support your child with coping and adjustment, as well as any financial difficulties your family may encounter.

Our child and family life specialists are experts in helping reduce the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization and illness.  In addition, you and your child have access to our spiritual care program and a wide array of other support programs and resources offered in the hospital, including our full-service Family Center.

Take the Next Step

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