Resources for Congenital Heart Patients

Preparing for Your Procedure: Regardless of what procedure your child is coming to the Congenital Heart Center for, it is useful to know about the support and tools available. This guide will help you understand what is needed to prepare your child emotionally, socially and medically.

Preparándose para su procedimiento (en español)

Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Defects Guidebook: Support and education for patients, parents and families about single ventricle congenital heart defects.

Your Heart Guidebook: Valuable information, special resources and practical tools to help guide and support you throughout your child’s journey. This book is intended to be brought with you to each clinic visit, procedure, or admission and continued to be referenced at home.

How to prevent infections after surgery: Helpful tips for before surgery, day of surgery, and after surgery to prevent infections.

What you need to know about Cardiac catheterization

Preventing development delays in babies after surgery

Support and Educational Events for Patients and Families