Prenatal Heart Program

The Congenital Heart Center at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital is consistently ranked among the nation’s best children’s heart programs.  Our Prenatal Heart Program provides compassionate, comprehensive care for women and families when there is a possible cardiac problem in the unborn baby. 

Our patients receive a complete fetal cardiac evaluation from a team of doctors, nurses, social workers and sonographers who specializes in heart problems in the fetus. 

In addition, we will coordinate any additional services and consultations that are needed, ensuring seamless coordination and convenience for our patients.

Services provided include:

  • Comprehensive fetal cardiac evaluation, including detailed fetal echocardiogram
  • Consultation with a pediatric cardiologist and nurse clinician who both specialize in fetal cardiology, as well as pediatric cardiac surgery, pediatric interventional cardiology, maternal-fetal medicine specialists and fetal surgeons, as necessary.
  • Social work support for all patients
  • Focused education and healthcare counseling
  • Continued follow-up and monitoring throughout the pregnancy
  • Anticipatory guidance for families with babies who will require ongoing intervention after birth
  • Transitioning of cardiac care after delivery
  • Ongoing communication and coordination with referring physicians and other services providing care

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To make an appointment or learn more about the Prenatal Heart Program, please call 734-764-5176.