What is Chronic Pain?

There are several types of pain.  Acute pain may be caused by injury, illness or recovery from a procedure.  The pain is generally associated directly with the injury or procedure and can be managed in the clinic or by your hospital physician.

Procedural pain is associated with needle pokes and procedures and is generally limited to the duration of the procedure itself.  There are a number of ways to prevent and minimize procedural pain that your healthcare provider can assist with.

Chronic pain, complex pain and recurring pain can be associated with long-term, chronic illness.  Occasionally, this may include pain that remains after recovery from an injury or surgical procedure, but can arise unexpectedly.  

Chronic pain can also be accompanied by a number of symptoms such as insomnia, mood disturbance, fatigue and nausea.

It is common for patients struggling with chronic pain to decrease activity levels, attend less school, and decrease sports participation. With these changes can come sadness, worries, stress and difficulty maintaining social relationships. Chronic pain treatment focuses on reversing this trend by teaching coping strategies that help individuals restore function despite having pain. The good news is that there are a number of highly effective ways we can help your child cope with pain, and – in fact – thrive.

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