What Patients can Expect from the Precision Oncology Program

The central goal of the Pediatric Precision Oncology Program at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital is to “translate” (or apply) molecular genetics discoveries from the laboratory to the clinical setting to benefit patient care, bringing research from “the bench" to the "bedside.”

What patients can expect

In a majority of cases, a patient’s existing, archived tumor tissue from prior biopsies or surgery can be used for the genetic sequencing analysis. Patients are also asked to provide buccal (cheek) swabs and a blood or saliva sample as normal DNA. As part of patient consent and enrollment, a member of the study team meets with the patient and their parents to discuss the genomic sequencing process, including the benefits and drawbacks of receiving the optional incidental germline findings and the implications of those results on the patient as well as their family members. Annual Peds-MiOncoSeq Enrollment Once the patient and/or their parent consents, the study requires about 3 weeks to be completed and the patient’s care team is notified of results in real-time.

Our team approach to precision oncology treatment

We have a collaborative, dedicated team where all members work together to evaluate the results of sequencing and explore possible treatment alternatives from many different perspectives, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s cancer and how it will respond to treatment.  We combine cutting-edge research utilizing the latest technologies with innovative analysis to answer important questions about how normal cellular processes are disrupted in the cancer and how we can design effective therapies. In addition to participating in research that may have a direct impact on your child’s cancer care, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to the world of science by donating extra samples to our biorepository.

Take the next step

For more information about pediatric precision oncology research at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, contact our clinical research coordinator at 734-657-3529. To inquire about becoming a patient or getting a second opinion,contact our pediatric oncology clinic at 734-936-9814.