Cardio-Oncology Long Term Follow-Up Care

The Cardio-Oncology Long Term Follow-Up Clinic is a collaborative effort between the pediatric cancer program and the pediatric cardiology program at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

This clinic was designed to identify and manage the care of pediatric patients who are at high risk for developing cardiovascular health complications as a result of cancer treatment.

The need for long-term follow-up

While modern cancer therapies have improved survival for many childhood cancers, some treatments – including specific types of chemotherapy and radiation – can have significant side effects.  Cardiac disease is a leading cause of non-cancer related death among survivors of childhood cancer. 

Appropriate long-term follow-up care for children at higher risk for cardio-toxicity, secondary to cancer treatment, allows our comprehensive cardio-oncology team to balance maximal cancer survival while minimizing cardiac damage.

Our goal is to prevent and improve long term adverse cardiac outcomes in cancer survivors through early detection and intervention.

What does the Cardio-Oncology Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic do?

Our clinic is a collaborative effort between the heart failure team of the Congenital Heart Center and the pediatric oncology team of C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. The clinic is one of the first specialized pediatric clinics in the country dedicated to personalized patient risk assessment, prevention, detection, and treatment of potential cardiovascular effects from oncology therapy.  Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists in pediatric oncology, pediatric cardiology, nutrition and social work.

Each child is carefully assessed for any potential cardiac health risks that may result from their chemotherapy regimen.  Our team will work with you and your child to determine if you require additional follow up from our cardiologists, oncologists, or the combined cardio-oncology clinic.

For children who are identified to be at higher risk, the clinic team will provide preventative guidance, close surveillance with the latest echocardiographic and other imaging modalities, and – if needed – treatment options to limit the potential cardiovascular damage.

Who should be seen by the Cardio-Oncology Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic?

Children who have undergone oncology therapy may be considered at higher risk for cardio toxicity, and therefore are recommended to be seen in the cardio-oncology clinic, based on a number of possible factors including:

  • Dose of chemotherapy required by their cancer treatment
  • Age of child during chemotherapy
  • Whether the child received radiation in addition to chemotherapy
  • Echocardiogram results indicative of worsening cardiac function

Your oncologist will determine if you or your child will benefit from a consultation with the cardio-oncology team.

You do not have to have received your cancer treatment at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital to be seen by our cardio-oncology team.  We are happy to see patients from other hospitals and will work closely with your referring oncologist to coordinate your child’s care.

Appointments & Information

For more information or to make an appointment, call 734-936-9814.